Spectator Info

Tips for Spectators

Tips for having a great experience at the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade:

  1. Dress for the weather! Some parades happen on warm fall days, and others happen in two feet of snow. Check the forecast and plan ahead.
  2. Keep it light. There are thousands and thousands of people vying for a spot to watch the parade, please avoid using large strollers. You'll navigate the crowds more easily and save space.
  3. Pick a spot. Everyone gets the same great view of our floats, no matter where you are along the parade route.
  4. Be kind. If you're in the front row, have a seat (your feet can be on the street, but you can't stand or walk on the street). Let people through if they need to get by and spread the feelings of the season!

What else can you expect? See below.


Find portable toilets on these blocks:

Spence to Balmoral
Balmoral to Colony (accessible)
Vaughn to Kennedy
Edmonton to Carlton
Hargrave to Donald (accessible)
Smith to Garry
Fort to Main (accessible)
Portage to Pioneer

Lost and Found

Lost something that's yours?

Found something that's not?

Visit Lost and Found at Downtown Winnipeg Biz, 426 Portage Ave.

All items gathered after the parade will be collected by Santa's helpers and stored at his workshop for one month following the parade.

First Aid

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services and St. John's Ambulance will be on site.

For medical assistance, locate a police officer, security personnel, or volunteer. They'll direct first aid personnel to you. 


Outdoor Accessible Seating

At each intersection along the parade route, the space in front of the barricades is reserved for accessible seating or anyone needing assistance. There will be signage in place to enforce this. 

Pre-registration is not required for outdoor accessible seating.

Parade Etiquette

Safety First

Stay on the sidewalks. Don't run onto the streets to collect candy. Large trucks and tractors might not see you, and aren't able to stop quickly. If you're concerned about anyone's safety, report it to one of Santa's elves. They're wearing red and white striped toques. 

No Pets

The parade route can get crowded and not all children are comfortable around animals. Please leave your dogs, cats, reindeer, snakes, penguins, or other pets at home. Aid animals are an exception. 

Green Team

Help Santa and his elves keep our streets clean. Pick up after yourself — there are garbage and recycling bins on each block. 

Sit in Front

If you're in the front row, sit on the curb so people behind you can see. You may sit with your feet on the street, but standing on the street is not allowed.


If you're sitting near the front, pass some candy and goodies to the kids behind you. Sharing earns you extra points on Santa's Nice List!

Be Kind

Kindness will help make the parade more enjoyable for everyone. It's especially important in large crowds. Be considerate of others, avoid pushing, and step aside to let people pass by.