Parade Entries

Bring Magic to the Streets of Winnipeg on November 18!

Get your colleagues, team, or organization together and enter a float in the Manitoba Hydro Santa Claus Parade. Need a guiding principle? Think like a kid! What would excite a six year old? Music, lights, moving pieces, treats - anything you can think of (that fits within our guidelines below)!

Creating your float is half the fun - plan, build, enjoy each other's company and then on parade day, show your community spirit and watch as young faces light up for Santa's grand entrance! It's a community event like none other in Winnipeg.

Float Guidelines

  • Walking Groups may include up to 40 people.
  • Seasonal music is strongly encouraged.
  • All components must be lit including tow vehicle, walkers, and mascots.
  • NO SANTAS ARE PERMITTED EXCEPT ON THE OFFICIAL WINNIPEG SANTA CLAUS FLOAT. This includes anyone dressing or appearing in the likeness of Santa Claus. Non-compliance will result in immediate removal.
  • Entries must maintain a forward motion. Counter marching, maneuvering, sidestepping or other action is permitted provided the entry maintains a forward motion, consistent with the pace of the parade.
  • All components of entry must stay with entry. Mascots, volunteers, collectors or distributors will not “overflow” into entries before or following entry.
  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking are forbidden on any entry. Any participant suspected of being under the influence will be removed.
  • Automobiles are restricted to “invited” guests and are not acceptable as a complete entry. Antique vehicles may be permitted upon approval by Parade Director.
  • Recognition of commercial sponsors is acceptable. It must be done as part of the entry and not as an additional entry associated with a float, meet Santa Claus Parade standards and does not dominate the entry. The Winnipeg Parade Committee reserves the right to reject overtly commercial entries.

Insurance Requirements

  • Drivers will be required to produce up-to-date vehicle insurance and drivers license
  • Float entries must provide a Certificate of Insurance for entry. This includes:
  • Comprehensive General Liability (“CGL.:’) insurance with a minimum limit of $2,000,000 for each occurrence
  • If vehicles are used in entry, automobile liability insurance with a minimum limit of $2,000,000. A certificate of insurance must be provided prior to parade day. 
  • The entrant and all participants shall indemnify, defend and save harmless the Winnipeg Parade Committee Inc. Manitoba Hydro, City of Winnipeg, staff, officers, contractors and their representatives, successors and agents from and against all and any claims, losses, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities due to bodily injury or property damage arising directly or indirectly from the participation in all parade activities either before, during or after the parade.
  • No insurance is required for Walking Groups/Mascot Entries

Fire Regulations

  • Fire Inspector will provide on-site inspection and approval.
  • Must carry an appropriately sized extinguisher (charged, sealed, and tagged to indicate date of last service).
  • Extinguisher must be readily accessible and the operator/driver must be familiar with how to operate it.
  • Hay/straw must be treated with a fire retardant substance.
  • Containers of fuel are not permitted on any parade entry.
  • Fuel tanks must be securely fastened and located away from exhaust pipes, generators and must be equipped with an approved cap.

Safety and Security Regulations

  • Safety of participants and the general public is the top priority. Safety is the responsibility of each individual entry and entries must comply with all safety, government regulations, codes and manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • The parade has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for abuse towards anyone, including staff, volunteers, guests, spectators, and other entries.
  • Violators should be reported to Parade Officials on route (or afterwards to the Parade Marshall).


  • Giveaways are allowed along the parade route on approval of the Parade Director.
  • Permitted give-aways must be distributed in person, along the curb of the parade route only. Nothing may be thrown. If anything is thrown from float and/or walkers, the entry risks being prohibited in future parades.


  • For identification and safety purposes, names of ALL participating individuals (walkers, riders and drivers), including minors, will be submitted on parade day.
  • In the unfortunate event of a major emergency, the parade organizers and City of Winnipeg need to know who is on site and who may be missing.